MAN - your strong partner

MAN Energy Solutions Australia specializes in the supply of diesel, dual fuel and gas engines from MAN Energy Solutions SE in Europe for power generation and marine propulsion applications throughout Australasia and the Pacific region.


Low Fuel Costs and Fuel Flexibility

Owen Springs power station one of the most efficient open-cycle power plants in Australia.



Owen Springs Power Station

At the heart of the Owen Springs plant are three 11MW high-efficiency MAN 51/60DF dual-fuel generator sets. 

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Yara Pilbara Nitrate Plant Burrup Peninsula

MAN is the market leader for rotating machines for the fertiliser industry.


Under various company names, MAN Energy Solutions (formerly MAN Diesel & Turbo Australia Pty Ltd} has supported engines in the Australian region since early last century. 

Serving Australia since the pre-Diesel era

The first engine associated with a predecessor company arrived in Australia in 1894, three years before Rudolf Diesel built his first successful diesel engine in Augsburg, Germany (at the factory which is now the headquarters of MAN Energy Solutions SE).

The engine was an Ackroyd-Stuart oil engine manufactured by Richard Hornsby & Sons Ltd of Grantham, UK, and it was installed in a South Australian sawmill where it had a long and successful life. 

1912 marks first MAN diesel engine Down Under

The first diesel engine from MAN arrived in Australia in 1912. This was a 4-cylinder type ALV 49 producing 400 hp, weighing some 35 tons and is reportedly still in operational condition in Cairns. 

Establishing a service capability

With around one in every two ships having MAN engines, MAN B&W developed customer support capabilities in Sydney, including engineering, fuel injection servicing and turbocharger repairs.

Company Formation

In June 2000, the MAN B&W Sydney support organisation merged with the former ALSTOM Australia Engines division to form MAN B&W Diesel Australia. In 2006 the name was simplified to MAN Diesel Australia. In 2010 MAN Turbo merged with MAN Diesel, MAN Diesel was renamed MAN Diesel & Turbo and in July 2018 to MAN Energy Solutions.      

MAN Energy Solutions Australia is 100% owned by the European-based MAN Energy Solutions SE.

From single engines to complete power stations

After many years of operation across Australasia and the South Pacific, our list of engine installations has grown to over 1,300.

MAN Energy Solutions Australia has the resources and skills to provide expert support for a broad range of diesel, dual fuel and gas engines for power generation and marine propulsion.

And over the past few years the company has built a reputation for the construction of large turnkey power station solutions. Recent examples are based on the impressive MAN 51/60 Dual Fuel engine.

Beyond Diesel - MAN Group history in Australia

The broader MAN Group has been active in Australia in commercial vehicles, bulk materials handling, printing and compressor technology for many years and even submitted a design for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.